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 About Us

Lemonade Lane is over 30 years of dreaming come to reality.


Our philosophy is to discover, restore and revitalise old glass and china to give it a new lease of life in an era that forgot them. From beautiful teacups and cut glass honey pots, to wedgewood plates and vintage vases - these items have been lovingly re-created to fit into any setting whether you are going for shabby chic or simple and minimalist.


We have forever had a love of glass and china, and Lemonde Lane is a place where, with only the best ingredients and craftmanship, the items develop a new appeal which can be appreciated by everyone. Whether a piece reminds you of your Mums old dinner service or that vase you remember seeing on a shelf at your nans house, the collection is sure to take you down memory lane.


Our candles are made using the best quality soya wax combined with sumptuous and enticing 100% essential oils. No spluttering, crackling, smoking or spitting - these candles are both home and environmentally friendly.They have an extreemly long burn time and do not lose their fragrance. Once finished they return to being a lovely tea cup and saucer, trinket box etc, the gift will continues to give pleasure for many years.


Our bird feeders are a unique and adorable present for anyone. Swaying in the breeze they add a touch of elegance to plant pots or flower beds. They even come with a little packet of bird seed to get you started. Should you have a pesky cat and birds are not welcome, why not place a tealight inside for a perfect garden party.


Our plate stands are a mixture of fun, kitch, elegant and retro - having a party or just indulging at home with some crisps and dips or meats and cheese, why not do so in style. They also look great ladened with chocolates and treats at the end of the meal. They are however not just limited to the kitchen, they are perfect for keeping your jewellery safe or those loose coins that seem to materialise out of mens pockets and remain on the coffee or hall table!


We hope you enjoy our collection and please get in touch to let us know you feedback or comments.


Happy browsing!


11 Linkfield Corner

Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1BD


OPEN: Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 6pm 


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